August 28, 2020

Trading/Investing Lessons Shared - Fed Speak Didn't Matter - Pull Back Still Looms

Trading and investing rules and lessons shared. Post Fed trading suggests it was a buy the rumor sell the news type scenario, as all of the major indexes and the VIX still suggest a looming reversal. Here's a few very speculative...

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August 20, 2020

Op-Ed On the Biggest Transitional Shift in 150 Years - VIX May Tell What's Next for the S&P 500

Provided in today's newsletter is a very important op-ed as to why these markets are behaving the way they are, and more importantly why investors should be aware of all of it on more of a long-term macro level. As for the...

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July 8, 2020

State of the Markets - Precious Metals Break Out - Macro Fundamental and Technical Look at the Major Indexes - Why We're Concerned Now

No matter who you are (short-term trader or long-term buy and hold investor) I encourage everyone to read today's Investors Update, and even pass it along to anyone you care about who has a significant interest in the stock...

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