December 23, 2020

Client Newsletter Example: Trader/Investor Psychology & Using Stops - Stretching Gains & Flirting with Overbought Conditions

The markets, as well as all of us, continue to stretch gains, while flirting with extremely overbought conditions on all of the major indexes. How should we all manage positions? By using protective stops. However, those...

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November 12, 2020

Client Newsletter Example: Beware of the Value Trap - Tech Still the Play - Top Financial Stocks and Best of Big Tech

Recent popular questions answered for your education and consideration. Beware of the value trap, as the recent "rotation to value" likely won't last with most of them. NASDAQ leads again, but all eleven S&P 500 sectors...

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August 28, 2020

Client Newsletter Example: Trading/Investing Lessons Shared - Fed Speak Didn't Matter - Pull Back Still Looms

Trading and investing rules and lessons shared. Post Fed trading suggests it was a buy the rumor sell the news type scenario, as all of the major indexes and the VIX still suggest a looming reversal. Here's a few very speculative...

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