May 14, 2021

Client Newsletter Example: More On Why Stocks Do What They Do - Levels to Consider On QQQ, SPY, IWM, DIA, Ethereum and Bitcoin

I hope today's newsletter changes your perception of these markets, and how individual stocks do what they do, forever. A constructive day yesterday met with some bullish follow through this morning. However, we expect big...

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March 26, 2021

Stop the Games and Learn to Trade with Real Analysis - A Perfect Example Here

NASDAQ bounces on cue off the 12,800 level. More follow through to roughly 13,200 is in order now. If we can't hold 12,800, then the 12,200 - 12,000 level is in the cards. Our suggested bullish oil trade yesterday is working...

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February 2, 2021

Client Newsletter Example: Must Read Most Important Rules for Trading/Investing - WMG Reports - Markets Bounce

Warner Music Group Corp. (WMG) meets earnings estimates, but beats top line estimates. As expected, the major indexes bounced sharply yesterday after holding their last key short-term moving averages. Index traders looking...

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