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When it comes to selecting your equity investments, everyone can use an experienced partner they can trust. Viking Crest is that partner. Nobody beats our technical analysis, our market-timing prowess, and our commitment to world class customer service!

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  • Reliable and accurate daily market commentary, including pinpoint technical and fundamental analysis of all of the major indices
  • Timely and profitable index ETF trades focused on accurately predicting the major indices' next big moves
  • Identification of sector based leveraged and non-leveraged ETF's for maximum short and long-term profits
  • Complete macro domestic and global economic data coverage to help assess the markets' near-term future
  • Individual company short-term trading and long-term investing ideas for market average beating returns
  • Trend trading alerts and tutorials on individual stocks before they make their biggest runs


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I have been a Viking Crest client for almost a year ... I have seen them make the right call time after time, always providing guidance on targets and stops to manage positions ... If you are looking for solid research and guidance to trade in these turbulent times, I highly recommend them!

Robert M.

I am a Loyal Customer of Viking Crest. Your newsletters are the best info I can find for Technical charting type trading... the biggest reason I am returning 80-90% yearly is your service... Keep up the good work!

Larry W.

Honestly guys, I've been subscribed to numerous newsletters and unsubscribed right away, as soon as i realize that all they say is a bunch of s*&^. But I truly thank you guys for the boldness you use to approach what is going on with the markets in general, and the time and effort you put into it. Thanks again. I'm very happy with your service.

Jack L.

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